lunchbox love

Love in a lunchbox

Your kids deserve a wholesome, tasty lunch. So we’ve teamed up with St. John’s Medical Center dieticians to serve up some great ideas to launch Lunch Box Love at the 2O14 Shift Festival in Jackson Hole. Together, St. John’s & Jackson Whole Grocer are developing tools to help lunch-makers pack healthy, creative lunches. This free, […]

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What’s for Dinner, Jackson Hole?

Another great recipe from VOM FASS! This meal is totally gluten free, dairy free, low in carbohydrates and organic. Visit the VOM FASS kiosk at Jackson Whole Grocer for exclusive cask-aged vinegars, exquisite oils and spices. Grilled Sausage & Chicken Skewers with an Herb Blend Salad Serves 4 Cost per person: approximately $7.65 Calories per […]

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Spicy Lemon Pasta Recipe from Vom Fass

Try this delicious gluten free, dairy free and vegan recipe, compliments of VOM FASS. Visit the VOM FASS kiosk at Jackson Whole Grocer for exclusive cask-aged vinegars, exquisite oils and spices. Serves 4 Calories per serving: approximately 55O Cost per person: approximately $7.5O Cooking Time: 15 minutes Here’s your shopping list at Jackson Whole Grocer: […]

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Jackson Whole Grocer

Beers on Tap this Week

Stop by JWG and grab a beer while you shop. Yes. WHILE you shop. Isn’t that fun? On tap this week: Wind River Brewing Out of Order Porter- Local! Brewed in Pinedale, WY Deschutes Brewery Doppel Dinkel Bock Avery Brewing  Maharaja Imperial IPA Roadhouse Brewing Co. Saison- HyperLocal! Brewed in Jackson, WY Grand Teton Brewing […]

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At the olive bar

If someone asks you how many kinds of olives there are, and you say: “Two: green and black” you seriously need to come check out the olive bar. Serve yourself from an array of olives, marinated veggies and other Mediterranean delicacies: Select a few different kinds and you’ve got an alluring appetizer that will make […]

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Baked by artisans

Our bakery has greatly expanded, offering organic, gluten-free and vegan delights and a great selection of locally baked goods. We’ve also introduced a cookie bar where you can buy assorted cookies by the pound. Enjoy an afternoon cookie, or bring one (or two!) to a friend.

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Serious about coffee?

Our specialty coffee section features whole beans roasted locally and regionally, along with other top-notch brands. Take them home and grind them yourself, or grind them in the store. Or just stand there and enjoy the aroma of fresh-roasted beans. We also feature packaged beans and pre-ground coffee in our main grocery aisles. We have coffee for […]

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It’s pronounced “POKE-ee”

Literally, “poke” is a Hawaiian word that refers to a raw seafood salad, and we’re excited to bring it to Jackson. As for the Poke Bar, we use the term loosely to refer to the section of our seafood case where we have a number of tasty ready-to-eat seafood items (not all of them raw). […]

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‘Let’s go together’

We want to be such a great store that you argue with your spouse about who gets to come pick up a loaf of bread. Of course, we don’t want to be the cause of marital discord. So we hope that in the end you realize you should both come together – and have a […]

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A drink with a friend

While you’re here we hope you bump into a friend you haven’t seen for while and decide to grab a microbrew at the beverage counter and sit by the fireplace or on the patio to catch up. Yes, you can “grab a microbrew” – or a glass of wine – here. We sell regional craft […]

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It’s roomier in here

It feels roomier, because it is roomier. If you were a customer at the old store, we know you said “excuse me” and “oops, sorry!” a lot. Our new aisles are six feet wide, with tall ceilings and natural light. You now have a lot more space to take your time, stop, browse and chat with […]

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Locally owned & operated

This is the Rice family. They own and operate Jackson Whole Grocer. They love food and love sharing it with friends, family and you. The Rices are strong supporters of nonprofit and community groups. That’s why they included a Community Room in the new store that can be reserved at no cost, and it’s why […]

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We love questions

We want you to strike up a conversation with the produce crew about how this kind of orange is different from that kind of orange. Or what exactly one might do with a kohlrabi. Ask the meat crew exactly what “never-ever” means. Ask one of our bakers what sort of birthday cake they can make […]

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We have it

Part of our mission is to offer a great selection. We want you to find all the food that makes you happy – in one place – along with food you didn’t even know about that ends up changing your life. Maybe that’s kombucha. Maybe it’s a vegan chocolate cupcake. Or maybe the food that […]

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What is the ‘Whole Experience’?

Jackson Whole Grocer aspires to be both a remarkable grocery store and a thriving town square. It’s about a place where you stock up on groceries for the week, or grab a quick healthy lunch on the go. It’s hanging out with a friend over coffee or a beer. It’s learning what to do with tumeric and […]

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Coffee, tea or juice?

Where do you turn when you’re in need of a boost? Whether you’re the kind of person who goes for a spirulina smoothie, or whether you look for the nearest double espresso, our coffee and juice bar is at your service.

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