Fun ways to celebrate American Cheese Month!

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October 3, 2019
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October 29, 2019

A whole month-long celebration of cheese?! What could be cheddar?! October is official American Cheese Month, and by American cheese, we mean the cheeses and cheesemakers who produce right here in the USA! At Jackson Whole Grocer we take great pride in our cheese selection and are proud to offer an array of cheeses from locally sourced vendors. Join us every Saturday in the month of October to sample American-made cheeses + enjoy fun giveaways.

Looking for some more ways to celebrate American Cheese Month? Or interesting ways to use your new cheeses?! Here are some ideas worth celebrating.

  • Visit a local cheesemaker and experience the miracle of cheese-making.
  • Try a new type of cheese- perhaps a goat cheese or sheep’s milk cheese.
  • Attend or host a wine + cheese tasting party or a beer + cheese party!
  • Craft the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich- customize it with your own personal favorite cheeses (Pair it with tomato soup for bonus points!)
  • Discover the best mac-n-cheese combo complete with your favorite toppings!
  • Bake it and top it with fresh fruits & honey for a new take on dessert
  • Have a cheese fondue party- we suggest dipping cubes of sourdough bread or bits of grilled steak
  • Create the cheesiest of all the cheese pizzas- try a 4+ cheese combination!

Whichever way you choose to celebrate American Cheese Month, indulge in your cheesy side and give any of the above ideas a try! & Be sure to join us in-store on Saturdays for some free samples + giveaways.  It’s going to be a gouda time!

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