How To Prepare A Beautiful Holiday Antipasto Platter

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Antipasto with cheese, sausage and grape

Boar’s Head has the perfect  selection of fine products for preparing a beautiful holiday antipasto platter. This classic appetizer will please the palate by showcasing the four tastes: sweet, salty, sour and bitter. Offering savory charcuterie, a selection of rich cheeses and flavorful condiments, Boar’s Head products will bring even the simplest antipasto platter to life. Try these tips to help you quickly and easily craft a spectacular antipasto platter.

Boar’s Head offers an array of charcuterie items crafted in the old world tradition for an authentic and rich taste you expect from Boar’s Head. Select three different Boar’s Head charcuterie products that offer different flavor profiles and textures. Slice the products thin. If refrigerated, allow the charcuterie to come to room temperature before serving in order to offer the best flavor.

Recommendations: Choose from among these Boar’s Head favorites: Tradizionale Genoa Salame, Peppered Salame, Prosciutto di Parma® and Superiore Italian Dry Salame Piccante. Anticipate about 2 oz total per guest.

From premium, aged imported specialties to favorites crafted right here in America, Boar’s Head offers over 5O delectable varieties to please even the most discerning palates. Select three different specialty cheeses with different textures and tastes. Make sure to include a firm and salty cheese which goes particularly well with charcuterie. How you slice the cheese will depend on the texture and shape of each cheese. Cheese should always be served at room temperature for the best flavor, so remove cheese from refrigeration an hour before serving.

Recommendations: Select from some of these Boar’s Head classics: Gouda, Gold Label Imported Switzerland Swiss® Cheese, French Brie, Parmigiano Reggiano and Canadian Cheddar. Anticipate about 2-3 oz total per guest.

Something Pickled:
To complement the rich and salty flavors of charcuterie and cheese, include at least one pickled pairing.

Recommendations: Boar’s Head Horseradish Pickle Chips, cornichons or giardiniera.

Paté: For a meat with a different flavor and texture, add paté to your antipasto board. Pate is a rich, creamy spread typically enjoyed on a crusty bread or cracker. It’s made from a mixture of cooked ground meat, often accented with minced vegetables, truffles and nuts.

Recommendations: Boar’s Head Liverwurst Paté.

Sweet and savory spreads are perfect for topping on bread or cheese. Be sure to include a knife for spreading.

Recommendations: Boar’s Head Pepperhouse Gourmaise®, Boar’s Head Delicatessen Style Mustard, or a fig or apricot preserve.

Bread: Bake your own bread or seek out a good loaf of crusty bread, baguettes or artisan baked bread that contains olives, fruit or nuts.

Additional Accompaniments:
Olives, nuts, truffle butter, dried figs, grapes, apricots or other dried fruits, and local honey or honeycomb will complement the flavors of your antipasto platter.

Recommended Drink Pairings: Full bodied red wines or craft beer.

Compliments of Boar’s Head. Download their gourmet antipasto platter guidelines here.