The Perfect Picnic: Just Add Sunshine

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June 30, 2017
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July 27, 2017
Picnic basket with fruits, flowers and water in the glass bottle

Unfurl a picnic blanket in the summer breeze and set up a lunch or dinner spread in no time with these simple tips.

Find the right location

The first step to a successful picnic is finding the perfect spot. Choose a space such as a meadow, park or riverside with tables or soft grass or sand, which will make setup a snap. Determine how many people will be in attendance, and plan accordingly.

Coordinate the menu

Take time to create a delicious, simple and convenient menu. Choose items that are easy to eat and fare well in warm weather, avoiding foods that melt or spoil. When ready to prepare your dishes, a high-performance blender or food processor, such as a Vitamix, is a must-have. Effortlessly chop and blend ingredients to make a variety of picnic friendly dishes and snacks such as hummus, nut butters, vinaigrettes and granola.

Consider healthy recipes that require little prep work, but are sure to please. For the ideal blend of sweet and spicy, chop apples and jalapeño peppers to make a crunchy apple salsa. You can also create a nutritious guacamole appetizer by mixing avocados, tomatoes, cilantro and lemon juice. By selecting dishes that can be prepared quickly and easily before your picnic, you’ll find yourself with even more time to enjoy the meal.

Smart packing

Make packing for your picnic a breeze by creating a checklist with necessary items, such as plates, cups, utensils, napkins and more. Be sure to count your guests and bring enough for everyone, remembering extras for dessert. Strategically pack your basket and cooler to avoid smashing, breaking or spoiling food. Secure heavier items on the bottom and insert smaller, lighter items on top. In the cooler, place chunks of ice or frozen packs in between layers to prevent items from shifting while keeping contents fresh. As a rule of thumb, once the ice melts, perishable food has likely reached an unsafe temperate and should not be consumed.

Plan and prepare items ahead of time, and you will be ready to host a splendid picnic in the great outdoors. So, gather your friends and family and let the fun begin!

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