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NOV 2017 :: Whole Grocer Dives into Quick Meal Kits

Heading to the grocery store after a long day at work with no new ideas for dinner is always a gamble. You could end up spending too much time wandering the frozen food aisle or hovering over hot food spreads. Or you might fill a basket with too many last-minute-decision items only to get home and eat something you don’t actually want hours later.

Jackson Whole Grocer is testing something to combat that: Home Table meal kits. Read more here!

Home Table meal kits are similar to the mail-order variety, but can be picked up from a cooler at Jackson Whole Grocer. Each kit includes everything you need for a two-person meal. ERIKA DAHLBY / NEWS&GUIDE

APR 2017 :: Spotlight on Jackson’s Community Grocer

Jackson Whole Grocer & Café is Jackson’s favorite community grocer with an indoor/outdoor cafe offering a wide assortment of organic and specialty foods. It’s a place where friends gather, customers shop for wholesome ingredients, and the staff goes the extra mile to make sure everyone is happy. Read more here!

NOV 2016 :: Kombucha Flows at Supermarket: Four Flavors are Now on Tap at Whole Grocer

A sparkling new probiotic drink is on tap at the Jackson Whole Grocer. “It’s really light and crisp,” Juice Bar and Bakery manager Jackie Stewart told the Jackson Hole News&Guide about Humm Kombucha. “Kids even like it.” A four-tap valve was installed Oct. 25 at the grocery store, giving shoppers the opportunity to pour their own. Read more here!

Jackson Whole Grocer now has a self-serve filling station for kombucha. The probiotic drink comes in four flavors. RYAN DORGAN / NEWS&GUIDE

OCT 2016 :: Grocer looking ahead with 8 Tesla chargers: South Highway 89 store is the only Supercharger station in the valley

Eight slick, robotlike structures now stand guard over eight parking spaces at Jackson Whole Grocer. But don’t worry: They come in peace. They are eight new Tesla Supercharger stations, one more little jump in the effort to create a nationwide network of 7,200 charging stations. Read more here!

Jackson Whole Grocer now sports eight Tesla charging stations.

SEPT 2015 :: Nitro Coffee Gets Sweet Reception at Jackson Whole Grocer

The cold-brewed sensation from the West Coast appeared this summer in Jackson Hole. The winning blend from Snake River Roasting is mixed with nitrogen and poured through a patented JoeTap, available exclusively at Jackson Whole Grocer. Read more here!

Nitro-infused coffee by Snake River Roasting, poured through a patented JoeTap.

AUG 2015 :: Jackson Whole Grocer Wins National Award

Jackson Whole Grocer just won an industry award by Progressive Grocer for: BEST CONVERSION – Converting former building to a new supermarket

Our location was the former Sunrise Home Center. We’ve come a long way…

• Building an eco-friendly facility while using an existing structure with improvements such as re-claimed wood, 95% LED lights & refrigeration that’s GreenChill certified;
• Keeping the basic structure interacted, while transforming the space to a modern grocer & town center hub;
• Seamlessly moving & operating our new space, while serving our community

Read more here!

Check out these Before & After photos:

Jackson Hole Grocery Store News Jackson Hole Grocery Store News - Jackson Hole Grocery Store

JUL 2015 :: Jackson Whole Grocer grows into its new space

Store owner remains committed to community, health, sustainability and an enjoyable shopping experience.News | Jackson Hole Grocery Store






























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