How to be a responsible shopper

Actions We’re Taking to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)
March 12, 2020
Face Coverings Required – Starting 6/1
May 22, 2020

Navigating the grocery aisles during COVID-19.


Do not leave your house if you are sick.

Jackson Whole Grocer and other retailers offer online or call-ahead shopping. Visit www.jacksonwholegrocer.com to order your groceries for curbside pickup, or have a neighbor/friend/family member shop for you.


Exercise social distancing.

If you are in good health and need to leave your home for an errand the CDC recommends leaving 6 feet of space between you and others you come in contact with to help prevent the spread of germs.


Email or Call our Whole Health Team.

Feeling a little under the weather and need some natural remedies to bring you back to your old self? JWG requests that you email or call our Whole Heath team to discuss products and supplements you are looking for. They can inform you about what is in-stock at that time, put it to the side for you and you can place an online order for curbside pickup.

Phone – 307-733-0450

Email – wholehealthservice@jacksonwholegrocer.com


Only take what you need.

If you don’t need an item in the next two weeks, leave it for someone who does. Hoarding and stockpiling creates unnecessary gaps between the time that someone who truly needs a product can find it back on retailers’ shelves. This is particularly important for our most vulnerable neighbors – the elderly and those who are struggling with other health issues. Rest assured JWG is getting a shipment every day, from over 400 vendors.


Observe vulnerable guest shopping hours.

Jackson Whole Grocer is reserving the first hour of shopping, 7am to 8am, every Thursday for vulnerable guests — including elderly and those with underlying health concerns. While we cannot guarantee a 100% germ free environment, we would like to give the opportunity to those most at-risk to shop our freshly cleaned store before the general public.


Limit the number of people shopping.

As we work hard to practice social distancing, we request that you try to only send one person to shop at a time, if possible. This will increase the distance between customers and staff instore as recommended by the CDC.


Subscribe to communication.

To stay up-to-date on the most recent changes at Jackson Whole Grocer and in-store options please subscribe to our newsletter by visiting our website, follow JWG on Instagram and Facebook. Our communities local news outlets are also doing a fantastic job of keeping our community informed so be sure to subscribe to Jackson Hole News & Guide, as well as Buckrail.


Thank you for your patronage of Jackson Whole Grocer during this difficult time. We are grateful to be your community grocery resource.