Freshen, Renew & Indulge with Essential Oils

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September 2, 2016
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Essential oils are highly concentrated, aromatic essences derived from botanicals grown around the world and have been used throughout history to enhance health and beauty. Extracted from seeds, flowers, roots, stems and other parts of plants, today’s high quality essential oils can improve modern life in a variety of ways. The powerful aromas of essential oils can lift or calm your mood, and many oils can be used in practical ways like nourishing your skin and hair. Essential oils can even be used for household purposes like strengthening cleaning products, freshening carpets or adding fragrance to your space.

Kathleen from our Whole Health Department says lavender essential oil is popular right now for back-to-school, because it is relaxing. As schedules change and homework piles up, lavender can be a natural way to add some instant calm to an otherwise hectic day.

Another popular seasonal oil Kathleen recommends is peppermint. “It’s very good for soothing headaches,” she said. “It is also a repellant for spiders and mice.” With mice sneaking indoors now that the temperatures are cooling, a little peppermint might deter the little critters from making your home theirs.

Aura Cacia creates unique aromatherapy blends formulated for specific functions like renewal, freshening, or fostering tranquility. Kathleen says there has been a great response to Aura Cacia’s “Chill Pill” and “Mellow Mix” blends. To make your own soothing massage oil try combining peppermint and lavender with a skin care oil like Aura Cacia’s grapeseed.

A clean and easy way to bring aromatherapy into your space whether it be your car, office or home is through an essential oil diffuser or room spray. We carry an array of both and most diffusers are refillable. “Now that people are spending more time indoors, diffusers are a nice way to freshen up an indoor space,” Kathleen said.

Since essential oils are so concentrated, they must be used carefully. Check labels and talk with the Whole Health professionals in our store to learn more. We also have reference books available to review in our Whole Health Department.

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