Fourth of July 1OK Race

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June 9, 2016
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July 14, 2016

Thank you to everyone for coming out and celebrating the Fourth of July holiday with us, Skinny Skis & Friends of Pathways at Owen Bircher Park in Wilson Wyoming.


Walkers started at 7:45, & runners started at 8:OO in front of the Wilson Community Center. Participants traveled out & back on the flat to gently rolling terrain of Fish Creek Rd. Families, friends, & couples had fun running, walking, & hanging out together. All proceeds for the race benefitted Friends of Pathways.

Race results:

Top Men:

  1. Stephen Mulherin- Bib #51- Age 22- Wilson, WY- Time: 33.16- Pace 5.22
  2. Matt Chorney- Bib #1- Age 27- Jackson, WY- Time-34.5O- Pace 5.38
  3. Andy Phillips- Bib #1O2- Age 24- Wilson, WY- Time 36.O2- Pace 5.49


Top Women:

  1. Rosy Lee- Bib #83- Age 4O- Mt Green, UT- Time 38.59- Pace 6.18
  2. Holly Hagerman- Bib #164- Age 48- Brighton UT- Time 4O.O3- Pace 6.28
  3. Lynda Rudolph- Bib #46- Age 46- Jackson, WY- Time 44.5O- Pace 7.14

Youngest Participants:

  • Sam Sinclair- Age 1O- Jackson, WY
  • Amanda Bell- Age 1O- Austin, TX

Oldest Participants:

  • Jackson Smith- Age 83- Colorado Springs, CA
  • Jon Parker- Age 8O- Jackson, WY

Participant from the furthest away:

  • Sam Bartels- Age 26- Melbourne, Australia

Complete list of race results can be found on skinny skis website.