February Happenings

Lemon Potato Chowder
January 21, 2020
March Happenings
February 25, 2020

Oyster Happy Hour

When: Saturdays from 4-6pm

What to Expect: 2 for $4 oysters. Varieties change weekly but expect two different types of oysters: one west coast and one east coast. These oysters are flown in fresh for each happy hour and pair well with one of the select $3 beer and wine options.


Raclette Lunch

When: Thursday-Saturday from 12-2pm

What to Expect: $9 will get you a delicious dollop of freshly melted Raclette cheese over bite size pieces of steamed heirloom potatoes, cubes of our in-house baked French baguettes, cornichon & cocktail onions. Truly is a tasty treat after a day on the slopes.


Valentine’s Day

When: Friday February 14

Ideas to make the day special: The store is buzzing with all the Valentine Classics as well as some fun twists. The bakery is stuffed full of special treats and desserts including house-made Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Death by Chocolate. Throughout the aisles you will find deals on chocolates and other favorites including massage oils, candles, and other gift ideas! If you are looking to cook at home this year make sure to check out the Chefs Case and Meat Department! From a dozen roses to lobster tails we have everything you need to inspire a magical Valentine’s Day.


International Hot Bar Inspiration:

When: February 9th-15th Italian, 16th-22nd French, & 23rd-29th Cajun

What to expect:  We believe that letting your tastebuds travel is always a good thing! Each week the Chefs will show off classic dishes from the region of choice. Local favorites will be served as well in case you are looking for something outside of the weekly inspiration.