‘Eco-Friendly’ is Our Middle Name

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April 21, 2017
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May 19, 2017

As an RRR Business Leader, Jackson Whole Grocer joins many businesses in our community that strive to create a more sustainable Jackson Hole. Every day, we focus on upholding the three R’s — reduce, reuse, and recycle. Our efforts with waste reduction, energy conservation, and green building are a few ways we help protect the environment.

Our five-member “Green Team” which includes our store owner Jeff Rice and employees across several departments makes it easier for all workers to uphold one of our guiding principles: stewarding a healthy planet. Helping to reduce landfill-bound waste, well-marked bins and easy access to recycling containers make recycling a natural process, rather than a chore, for employees and customers alike.

In an effort to reduce paper waste overall, we utilize jet towel dryers in our public restrooms and incentivize using reusable grocery bags. Contributing to the effort to eliminate food waste and food insecurity in the community, Jackson Whole Grocer donated 63,785 pounds of unsellable, yet edible, food products to Hole Food Rescue this past year.

In a forward thinking initiative, Jackson Whole Grocer teamed up with Tesla Motors to provide a sustainable amenity to our customers and traveling public. Hosting eight Supercharging stations on-site, we now provide the newest, clean energy available furthering our store’s commitment to the environment.

Our eco-friendly facility, built in 2O14, utilized an existing structure with improvements earning us the top prize in Progressive Grocer’s Best Store Conversion category. The former Sunrise Home Center in Jackson was reimagined as Jackson Whole Grocer by keeping the onetime home and hardware store’s structure intact while transforming the space into the modern store and community-centric hub that shoppers experience today. Boasting reclaimed wood, 95 percent LED lights, and environmentally friendly GreenChill-certified refrigeration systems, our award-winning facility conserves natural resources.

The siding on our building is comprised of recycled resin via a skateboard half-pipe manufacturing company. Furniture in the café area comes from reclaimed wood from de-construction. Decor elements are comprised of recycled snow fencing, and the building has low or no VOC paint.

Whenever possible we source our products from local and regional suppliers which requires less fossil fuel to transport and keeps local money in the community while supporting local growers.

With these initiatives and more, Jackson Whole Grocer strives to create a better tomorrow.

Celebrate World Fair Trade Day – May 13, 2O17

Do you know who grew your food? Fair Trade is a movement of farmers, workers, businesses, and consumers working to create justice in our global supply chain. Practices such as payment of fair prices; no child being forced or exploited for labor; workplace non-discrimination, gender equity, and freedom of association; and environmental sustainability are a few of the ways the Fair Trade movement helps protect the interests of rural farmers, workers, consumers, and our planet. We carry many brands that are fully committed to fair trade through their association with fair trade certification and membership organizations.

All month long, we are showcasing many of our brands on an endcap in our store. Stop in and learn more about the Fair Trade movement!