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October 28, 2016
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Jackson Whole Grocer is First in Wyoming to Offer Humm Kombucha on Tap for Thirsty Adventurers

flight-of-kombucha-1Do you thirst for adventure? Humm Kombucha’s tagline poses a question which can be best answered by Jackson’s athletic, health-enthusiastic inhabitants and all those who just want to try something new.

Though Kombucha (a fermented tea) is nothing close to being new with its origins dating back to ancient times as far back as 200 BC, a refreshing ‘on tap’ variety in four modern flavors from Humm Kombucha is making its debut at Jackson Whole Grocer. We’re the first in Wyoming to carry the popular brand from Bend, Ore., and already, customers are getting creative by mixing their own flavors from the four-tap, self-serve station at our coffee and juice bar. The delicious flavors like apple sass, blueberry mint, lemon ginger, and original are converting people who have been off-put by the typically pungent, sweet and sour taste of bottled kombucha.

Traditional kombucha drinkers deem the tea a magic elixir, swearing by a list of health benefits. Humm Kombucha touts numerous proprietary health benefits as well. The drink is “teaming with vitamins, anti-bacterial properties and a high concentration of beneficial bacteria and acids that may help to cleanse and detox the liver and other digestive organs,” say the folks at Humm Kombucha.

Jackson Whole Grocer’s Grocery Manager, Troy Taylor, is passionate about kombucha and grew his own ‘SCOBY’ (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) to brew a homemade batch. “Probiotics are good for every part of your body from your immune system to digestion, and the fermentation process produces B vitamins which are also good for energy,” he said, adding, “Kombucha is a good alternative to sugary soda.”

As a way to be more environmentally conscious, Humm Kombucha distributes its kombucha in kegs. Now thirsty adventurers can fill their own growlers with Humm Kombucha or pour a pint to enjoy in the café at Jackson Whole Grocer.

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