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Jackson WY Meat and Seafood

We’re passionate about our meat and seafood. We’re selective about quality and freshness, of course and seek out local and regional suppliers that are committed to sustainable practices and the humane treatment of animals. We proudly carry Snake River Farms, Wyoming Gourmet Beef, & Lockhart Cattle Co.

Our fabulous new 4O-foot case has room for a lot of fresh meat and seafood, but there are a few things you won’t find in it…such as overfished species of seafood.

The meat we sell has “never-ever” been treated with antibiotics or added hormones. And as for seafood, we follow the science-based ratings of Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch. The organization keeps a close eye on what’s happening to sea life and to the oceans in general and rates seafood as follows:

  • Best choice                  Well managed, caught or farmed responsibly
  • Good alternative       Some concerns
  • Avoid                             Overfished, or strong environmental concerns (you won’t find any of this in our service case)

Check out our prepared items, too, such as ceviche and other seafood that’s ready to eat from our Poke Bar, as well as marinated or seasoned meats ready for cooking.

Jackson WY Meat and Seafood

Justin Shepler, meat & fish manager


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