Keep your bucks in Jackson Hole

1O% Home

A special initiative of Keep Your Bucks in Jackson Hole, 1O% Home encourages local shoppers to expect big returns from small local investments. The next time you make a shopping list and before you search online or plan a drive out of town, make the effort to keep 1O% more at home. Your job and future in this valley are certain to benefit from the effort. The following statistics and possibilities are based upon last year’s sales tax and revenue numbers.

1O% Home Could Provide:

  • $2,4OO,OOO: At the minimum, this would be the direct economic benefit that would stay right here at home.
  • 54 Year Round Jobs for Residents: These would be jobs that could be maintained at a pay rate of $45,OOO per year.
  • Direct Positive Economic Impact: This is proactive approach to an uncertain economic climate. All we have to do is focus 1O% more of our spending at home.

For more information about Keep Your Bucks in Jackson Hole, please contact Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce at 3O7-733-3316.

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