Jackson Hole Grocery Store

Reusable Bag Donations

We’ve recently teamed up with System of Care, noticing that the people in our community could use some extra support. System of Care is fostering support to over 50 different human services organizations in the valley. They see that no organization is left out and that they receive the help they need. Here at Jackson Whole Grocer, it is a high priority to take care of our people and partnering with System of Care is a leap in that direction. Our current and future financial and volunteer giving is focused on the people in our valley.

Through our Round-Up and Reusable Bag programs you can help us make a difference.

Reusable Bag Program: We offer a 5-cent bag credit for each reusable bag you use. You have the option of donating that credit to System of Care – and if you do, we match every donation. In turn, the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole doubles our donation, because we donate during the Old Bill’s Fun Run campaign. That means that your 5-cent donation is actually a 2O-cent donation. Now that makes cents!

Round-Up Program: We believe everyone and every cent makes a difference. To participate, simply ask your cashier to round up your purchase to the nearest dollar at checkout and donate the difference to System of Care.

Together with the community we have contributed over $650,000 to local non-profits since 2010. Thank you Jackson Hole!

Food Donations

We partner with local organizations like Hole Food Rescue, Jackson Cupboard & Good Samaritan Mission to pass along our expired or unusable food that is still delicious, highly-nutritious and edible to reduce food insecurity in our community. We’ve donated over 80,000 pounds of food last year.