Welcome 2O17 with a Bistro-Inspired Menu

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Gourmet bread pudding and cappuccino.

Welcome the new year with traditional foods believed to invite good fortune. A bistro-inspired menu of cioppino, bruschetta topped with black-eyed peas prepared with ham hocks, and challah bread pudding is filled with foods promising good luck in the new year. Serve it for a casual New Year’s Day brunch or a satisfying dinner. Either way, it makes a perfect start to 2O17 by bestowing good luck on everyone!

We like this delicious cioppino recipe from Gourmet magazine’s recipe archive that has stood the test of time, consistently delivers spectacular results, and is incredibly tasty. (Why serve it for New Year’s Day? Seafood is often symbolic for fertility in cultures around the world. In Japan, prawns are a well-wishing food served for long life. Seafood dishes including shrimp, salmon, oysters, and crab are a favorite in Sweden. In China, a whole fish is served to ensure a good year from start to finish.)

Serve cioppino with New-Year-styled bruschetta from Food and Wine magazine’s recipe collection that incorporates black-eyed peas and ham hocks — time-honored New Year’s Day favorites. (Black-eyed peas are a southern tradition said to invite good fortune. Ham, because of its fat content, will bring a year rich with happiness and progress.)

Finish the meal with this lovely challah bread pudding recipe from our own Chef Ozzie. (Baking a lucky coin into bread is considered to bring a wonderful year to the person who finds it.)



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