$9.99 Specialty Pizzas – One Day Only!

Face Coverings Required – Starting 6/1
May 22, 2020
Save the Date! JWG Grill Series is Back!
June 11, 2020

On Friday, June 12th you can get a Jackson Whole Grocer Specialty Pizza for only $9.99 (while supplies last). We’re offering 5 new Specialty Pizzas. And they’re delicious. JWG Specialty Pizzas usually sell for $19, so this deal is nearly 50% off for one day only – FOMO is real, don’t miss this discount!

If you’re unfamiliar with Jackson Whole Grocer pizza, the new 16” pie is made in-house and to order; with of course, JWG-approved fresh ingredients. It’s clean eating in its best delicious and cheesiest form. You can order a pizza by calling the store (307-733-0450) or by visiting the Pizza Counter and placing an order directly with a JWG Chef.

Of course, Jackson Whole Grocer promises a whole new freshness to your ‘za with house-made pizza dough, perfectly melted mozzarella, and farm-fresh toppings.

Check-out our Specialty Pizza menu here : these are some gourmet pies! Pizza Friday just got even better!